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Top Website Design Trends for 2019

Designing a website is no easy feat, and standing out from the clutter is crucial to getting ahead. Some designs are fads, but most are sound ideas that improve your website’s overall readability and accessibility.

We’ve compiled our list of top website trends you need to use — or at least attempt — for your website in 2019.

Mobile First

Mobile searching has now overtaken desktop searching for website traffic. If users can’t easily maneuver your website from the palm of their hand, they will go elsewhere immediately. With mobile-first design, the site is created with the mobile user in mind first, but it is also compatible for the desktop user.

Google now recognizes page loading speed is a ranking factor for mobile searches, so making speed a priority is key to having a successful web presence in 2019.

Video Backgrounds

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth 100,000. A video can tell a more compelling story than text-based imagery or a simple photo. Grabbing attention from the moment users enter your site is monumental to keeping your bounce rate to a minimum.

The more time a user spends on your website, the more likely they are to convert. And even if they don’t convert, your SEO (search engine optimization) will increase if your average time on a page rises as well. As long as the video is concise and gets your message across with no sound, a video background could be what your website is longing for.

Utilize Chatbots

Customer service, customized. By enabling chatbots for your website, the user will feel like they are being interacted with directly. For example, a retail company can imagine their website’s chatbot as an additional salesperson helping users decide as they are shopping. If you have less “boots on the ground” than before, having these bots take care of mundane questions frees up you and your business associates’ time for more strategic business issues.

Bold Typography

Large and bold text shapes your website. This may seem like a tiny thing, but it will make a huge impact on your website’s overall look. Do not drown readers in paragraph text — make them see what you want them to see first. Then let them dive in and search around to learn more, if they are interested. Typography purveys the voice and tone you want your company to exude. Do you want to draw attention to a certain product or service? Will your website design lead eyes there or shy away? Be bold.

Need help with implementing any of these important website trends in 2019? Contact Diana dzukerman@colesmarketing.com.

By Kevin Moore, 
Multimedia Designer


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Hands On With Kevin

We’re highlighting our Coles Marketing collaborators by showcasing some of their many talents. Every day they contribute ideas, designs, strategy and so much more that drives positive results for our clients.

Our Multimedia Designer, Kevin Moore, is a wizard when it comes to perfecting websites and print content. Kevin has the experience to back up his creative designs whether on paper or in the digital space. Below are some recent tasks he’s tackled:

  • Created and designed the user interface for three new websites
  • Designed an email campaign
  • Created graphics using Adobe Photoshop
  • Updated Animation on client’s website

Kevin’s Passions

Current Netflix Binge Show: NCIS

Favorite Restaurant: City Barbeque

Favorite App: Last Day on Earth: Survival

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Faith, Friends, Fun

Stay tuned to see who will be featured next!


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Mobile First

Advertise_bigIn addition to Chris Lloyd’s previous post, I don’t think I am the only one who relies on my mobile phone for EVERYTHING! You name it, and I use my phone for it. A couple months ago, I took a quick trip to Florida with my girlfriends. Of course we talked, laughed, ate rich food and some of us sunbathed on the beach. But the one constant with all of us were our phones were never far away. We used them for photos of us on the beach, to post messages on Facebook and Instagram, to call our families, to look for restaurants and menus and to book pedicure appointments. Some of the websites were mobile-friendly, but most were not. We all agreed how frustrating it was to access a website that is not responsive.

Since I work at a PR/Marketing firm, this was not news to me. We have counseled many of our clients to focus on a mobile web strategy. The world really is at our fingertips. Now we are going a step further advising clients to make mobile the priority and not the afterthought. I’ve watched our web designer painstakingly test the usability of a website we designed with literally dozens of devices.

Even if you don’t have an online store or retail, more and more customers and clients will be accessing information on your website via mobile devices. Helping them navigate easily will offer more success and fewer headaches in 2015.


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