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Make Monday your favorite day of the week #motivationalmonday

Happy Monday!

Keep at it, friends. You’re stronger than you think…



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Motivational Monday: Pump Up Your Brand On Social Media

Motivational Monday: Pump Up Your Brand On Social Media

It may seem scary. Yes, it may seem daunting. But listen up folks: your brand needs to expand on social media. Don’t waste any more time. Let’s tackle those big questions and get you connected.


Brand Engagement Breakdown.

Think about your interaction with people throughout your day. Maybe your neighbor gives you a wave before work. Your spouse gives you a smooch when you get home. Or you roll your eyes at someone who cuts you off in traffic. Brand engagement is the social media version of that. When someone “likes” a link on Facebook, “retweets” something on Twitter, or “shares” a picture on Instagram. These are all engagements. And you want people to engage with your brand to get maximum exposure.


Why you should care.

You could have a million followers on social media, but if your audience isn’t engaging with your brand, it’s a big waste of time. By brand engagement, you can measure real time results. What’s working and what’s not. Ensuring happy customers. Creating more website traffic. And most importantly, increasing your profit.


How to do it.

Listen up. You have to listen to your customers AND competitors on the reg. It seems simple, but you’d be surprised how many brands suffer on social media because they have absolutely no clue what’s going on. Try to reply, reach out and respond to feedback quickly.

Create killer content. Stuff to entertain, educate, persuade, and hook your audience. Hire a social media guru who can blog, write, design and create their little heart out. Or maybe it’s already someone your team? Find them. And use them.

Start the conversation and engage with influencers. Find out what they’re saying about your company, engage with them via reply, retweet, or liking their posts. The quickest way to build your audience is through someone else.


Coles Marketing can help. This is our bread and butter. Set up a meeting with us, and we’ll walk you through it; plain and simple.




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Preparing a Social Media Plan

Social Media Calendar

Tiffany Whisner

Tiffany Whisner

Those of us who manage social media platforms and content — and those who don’t — know the news cycle never ends. Habitual phone-checking has become the norm, whether you’re browsing your social network feeds for the latest on Twitter or just because you’re bored.

Therefore, there is a constant need for fresh, timely content on your brand’s social profiles. How can this be accomplished without being completely overwhelmed?



Make time to manage social media

I’m always a big proponent of planning — and having a social media editorial calendar as part of your social media strategy can save you valuable time and effort.

Chris Mercier

Chris Mercier

“A social media editorial calendar includes promotional and helpful content that is both seasonal and timely for your company or organization,” said Coles VP Public Relations Chris Mercier. “It helps you organize your thoughts and writing projects into concise messages that support your brand and appeal to your audience.”

Sure, creating a calendar can be time consuming on the front end, but then you’ve got a plan in place to guide you in your daily social media activities. You’ve already done research into appropriate topics and articles and when you want certain posts scheduled.

“It basically gives your brand a blueprint of your outreach goals for the next month or so,” said Coles Senior Copywriter Christopher Lloyd.

And it keeps your brand on track with your online strategy.


Calendar contents and creation

Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd

“Most social media editorial calendars include specific messaging topics, verbiage and links,” Lloyd said. “This allows for posts that feel spontaneous and fresh but can be vetted beforehand by all parties with a stake.”

Here are some items to include in a social media calendar:

  • Topic to highlight along with copy
  • Appropriate links and Web addresses
  • Headline for post
  • Related hashtags
  • Photos, videos or other visual content
  • Publish date and time

Think through what events and initiatives your brand might be involved in, and make sure to develop content to promote them.

Also, research national holidays and observances, and wrap some related social media content around those dates.

“Editorial calendars are worth the planning time,” Mercier said. “They help you get organized and deliver valuable content to your customers.”


Allow room for adjustment

“Planning ahead helps avoid panic and can serve as a roadmap to determining the best fit for your content and help you organize your writing projects,” Mercier said.

But just as planning and preparation saves time, leave a little breathing room for some social media flexibility.

Lloyd mentioned a great example: Oreo’s social media messaging when a blackout shut down the 2013 Super Bowl. With some quick thinking and a bit of a shift from their social media strategy, Oreo’s brilliant tweet made major headlines.

In addition, if you schedule posts too far in advance, you could get into some trouble. If breaking news happens or a tragedy occurs, your brand could look insensitive by running a scheduled post during a crisis.

When produced and used the right way though, a social media editorial calendar saves you time and energy and helps you consistently publish high-quality content.

“By putting in a little thought and strategy, it will help you stay true to your brand goals and audience,” Mercier said.

And we’ll develop and distribute the content to get you noticed. Contact us today!


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