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Coles After Hours with Tim

Creativity is key to our work here at Coles Marketing. On a regular basis, we’d like to give you a peek inside the mind of a team member and show what’s inspiring them lately. What are we watching, reading, playing or making that’s fueling our creative energy?

For this entry, we’re checking in with Vice President Creative Tim Coulon.

When COVID hit, our homes turned into offices. Tim went one step further, transforming his basement into a music studio.

When Tim’s 14-year-old son, Josh, showed an interest in percussion last year, their neighbor gave them his old drum kit. Josh played a little bit, but Tim really “caught the bug” for drumming, eventually trading the kit in for a larger set and “hammering away” on it every chance he could.

Tim played the drums when he was Josh’s age, but he quickly lost interest. However, he is now fully dedicated to honing his craft, spending hours listening to his favorite music and teaching himself how to play along. His current repertoire includes classic tunes from Genesis, Phish and the Rolling Stones.

Now, part of Tim’s basement is walled off with sheets and soundproof padding, allowing him space to rock out.

“I can go down there for hours,” he said. “It’s a great release of energy. I’ll get blisters, I’ll start sweating, and I’ll come back up feeling refreshed. It’s like how you feel when you go for a workout at lunch.”

Sometimes, Tim’s friends will come over and jam with him. One of them has a jazz drum kit, and they’ll join forces to imitate the dual drummers from the Grateful Dead.

Tim’s not sure if he’ll start a band, but one thing’s for certain — he’s feeling more creative than ever.

Check back soon for an after-hours visit with another member of the Coles team!


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Pick a Color. Any Color.

Tim Coulon

Tim Coulon

Creating a corporate logo is just one part in developing a company’s visual brand identity. There are many other components that get developed as the brand comes alive. One of the components is the creation of a color palette that will be used in most all of the brand’s marketing/advertising material.

One of the resources we use to help define the primary and secondary colors for a brand is Adobe’s app called Adobe Color CC. Adobe Color generates themes you can use in Adobe desktop apps like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. It is a real-time color generator that can instantly spit out hundreds of color themes based on your color search. You can visit the site here https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel.

In the Explore tab you can literally explore existing themes that Adobe Color community members have created or you can search for your own. Ih the search field just type something like “red” or “red and blue” or “fourth of July” and hundreds of themes based on your search will show up. Some may look pretty wacky and some may look pretty good.

We use this resource in tandem with some others as we look for the color combinations that will represent well the specific brand we are working on. A great benefit of this particular resource is it can displays the specific CMYK, RGB and Web color recipes associated with the individual colors within the theme. (An example here https://color.adobe.com/Red-color-theme-964889/edit/?copy=true) You can even download the them and load it directly into your color palette of the design application you’re working within.

When we develop a company’s brand we work diligently to produce the right components that help the brand come to life. We’re here to help you.


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