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Why Advertise on Snapchat?

With more than 191 million daily active users, Snapchat has an extremely captive audience. To take advantage of these viewers we recently ran a Snapchat campaign for one of our healthcare clients.

Snapchat offers three main options when creating ads:

  • To Drive Awareness
    • Mostly for current events or limited time promotions
  • To Prompt Users to…
    • Install an app
    • Visit a website
    • Watch a video
  • To Drive Conversions
    • Website conversions (secondary actions on websites such as purchasing items or calling from website, etc.)

Snapchat recently significantly lowered their daily budget minimum to get more people to use the platform on the advertising side, making it a lot more appealing to pursue. The platform allows you to narrow your targeting to reach many different types of demographics based on age, location and interests.

We ran a two-week advertising campaign on the app for our healthcare client wishing to increase its talent acquisition. Our goal was to increase awareness of the open positions offered and drive potential applicants to the website in hopes they would apply.

We used two slightly animated graphics that encouraged the user to swipe up to view current openings. If they swiped up it would take them directly to our client’s career website page. Our engagement for this campaign performed 30 percent better than our other social media digital advertising campaigns.

Since Snapchat is ever-evolving, there is so much more to learn when creating in-depth graphics, gifs and videos within the mobile platform.

If you’d like to get your company Snapping, give us a shout at 317-571-0051 or info@colesmarketing.com.

By Broden Chapman,
Digital Marketing Coordinator 


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