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Coles After Hours with Sam

Creativity is key to our work here at Coles Marketing. On a regular basis, we’d like to give you a peek inside the mind of a team member and show what’s inspiring them. What are we watching, reading, playing or listening to that fuels our creative energy?

For this first entry, we’re checking in with Senior Copywriter Sam Watermeier. Here are his latest sources of inspiration.

Bottle Rocket: I recently revisited this old favorite — writer-director Wes Anderson’s debut film about a trio of wannabe thieves. What makes the film so surprisingly sweet and endearing is the fact that none of these characters are thugs. They act like little kids playing bank robbers. They plan heists to give their lives a childlike sense of adventure, but they discover plenty of other exciting risks to take during adulthood that don’t involve crime. I love movies that allow you to hang out with quirky characters like these and walk around in their shoes for little while. I love movies that capture the magic in the ordinary. That’s why I enjoy writing spotlight stories for Coles. I get to connect with people from all walks of life and try to paint a cinematic portrait of them.


How to Socialise & Make Friends: This sophomore album from the Australian band Camp Cope is a stunner. In the opening song, frontwoman Georgia “Maq” McDonald decries the misogyny at the core of the music industry. In other tracks, she beautifully captures the cathartic power of music. “Just get it all out, put it in a song, just get it all out, write another song,” she belts in “Anna.” Surprisingly, coming from an Australia-based band, one of the songs on this album references our home base of Indiana!


The Book of Eels: I have an odd phobia — I’m afraid of eels. When I stumbled upon an article about this book, I felt like the author was calling out to me. In addition to exploring the origin and evolution of these mysterious creatures, Patrik Svensson tells tender stories about fishing for eels with his father throughout his childhood and adolescence. It’s a unique, beautiful blend of science and memories. As we strive to do in our writing for Coles, Svensson bridges the gap between the specific and the universal.

Check back soon for another after-hours visit with a Coles team member!


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Hands On With Sam

We’re highlighting our Coles Marketing collaborators by showcasing some of their many talents. Every day they contribute ideas, designs, strategy and so much more that drives positive results for our clients.

Our copywriter, Sam Watermeier, takes words and turns them into unbelievable stories that encapsulate our clients’ goals. From writing poems and creative works in his spare time to catering his writing for more technical products, Sam does it all. Below are some recent tasks he’s tackled:

  • Wrote copy for a new website
  • Interviewed and wrote three employee spotlight articles
  • Created a monthly corporate metrics report
  • Helped design and write the process for crafting a newsletter template

Sam’s Passions

Current Netflix Binge Show: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Favorite Restaurant: Luciana’s Mexican Restaurant (Arroz con pollo is the perfect meal.)

Favorite App: Bravo TV, it allows me to stream the high-seas drama of Below Deck

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Quiet, quirky, creative

Stay tuned to see who will be featured next!


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Take a Marketing Cue from Jurassic World

In this age of online everything, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stood out with its marketing campaign by taking to the streets.

Accompanied by a Jeep Wrangler motorcade, Amazon made its largest delivery ever — a 40-foot long box stamped with the Jurassic World logo — to The Grove shopping mall in Los Angeles. The film’s stars, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, opened the mysterious box to reveal a model of the movie’s most iconic creature — the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A model of the T-Rex also stood on display alongside velociraptors in the King’s Cross railway station in London. Other public promotional materials include Jurassic World-themed treats at Dairy Queen, a virtual reality ride through the film’s world at Dave & Buster’s and dinosaur displays in malls and movie theaters across the world.

As the film rakes up millions of dollars at the box office, its marketing campaign proves the value of thinking outside the box. Rather than sticking solely to traditional marketing methods — trailers, posters, billboards — it engages moviegoers in more innovative ways. And it catches their attention in the real world behind their cell phone screens.

Think about how your business can take a cue from this blockbuster and explore marketing options beyond the standard, conventional ones. As you can see from Jurassic World‘s marketing campaign, taking risks can pay off big time! 

Ready to take your business to the next level and try some “outside the box” marketing? Contact us at 317-571-0051 or info@colesmarketing.com.

By Sam Watermeier, 


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