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Gloria (Grinnan) Mitchell began her sole general practice in downtown Indianapolis in 1988. In association with other attorneys, she focused primarily on family law and related issues.


Mitchell relocated her practice to the north side of Indianapolis in 2002, and it officially became Mitchell & Associates. The firm again relocated in April 2008 to its current office at 9959 Crosspoint Boulevard in Indianapolis, offering more space, multiple conference rooms for mediations and free parking on site.


Then, in 2013, came the desire for a fresh look before the firm engaged in a marketing awareness initiative. Coles assisted Mitchell & Associates with their rebranding campaign, which included a name change.


Mitchell wanted the name change to reflect a group of lawyers working together, not one lawyer with a group of associates. But she didn’t want to lose the brand identity of the Mitchell name that had been built over the years.


“A prime opportunity to take a close look at refreshing your brand is right before a big marketing push,” said VP Marketing Brian Coles. “It’s also a good exercise for internal brand ownership. Once owners and staff buy into the new brand image, then it’s ready to roll out to external audiences.”


Introducing … Mitchell Law Group. The firm officially changed its name to reflect and recognize the group’s team approach when representing clients.


In addition, VP Creative Tim Coulon designed a new logo for the firm, incorporating a new tagline of “Strong. Compassionate. Experienced.”


“Using a sphere promotes the group concept, with a more unified front,” Coulon said. “The stylized ‘M’ enhances the proper name of the firm and adds a simple but elegant edge to the look. The colors reflect a corporate yet family feel, since the group does a great deal of family law work. Finally, the tagline words display the firm’s three main characteristics — describing their passion.”


New name. New look. Same experience. For more information on Mitchell Law Group, visit www.mitchell-law.net.


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Sponsel CPA Group taps Coles Marketing Communications

One of Indianapolis’ most experienced CPA and accounting firms has tapped Indianapolis-based Coles Marketing Communications to create and lead its communications, marketing, creative and online business development strategies.

Sponsel CPA Group, launched in September 2009 by managing partner Tom Sponsel, consists of experienced business advisors, financial planners, CPAs, forensic accountants, bookkeepers, HR professionals and IT experts. The firm manages entrepreneurial services; tax services; auditing and assurance services; valuation and litigation services; employee benefit plan services; mergers and acquisitions; financial planning; and technology services.

The firm recently moved offices to 251 N. Illinois St. in downtown Indianapolis. Sponsel CPA Group’s four partners and 16 employees now occupy about 10,000 square feet of new office space in the Capital Center’s North Tower.

“Tom Sponsel has a proven track record of success in providing unmatched, quality CPA services and leading successful and progressive CPA firms,” said Barbara L. Coles, APR, president of Coles Marketing Communications. “Our agency knows the accounting industry well and looks forward to working with Tom and his team to build awareness of his firm and share Tom’s wealth of industry knowledge, commentary and best practices.”

For more about Sponsel CPA Group, visit www.sponselcpagroup.com.


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Do you “Like” the “Like” Button?

Since its inception, Facebook has been subject to a host of changes — different layouts, formats, policies and so on. One of the more recent and widely-noticed changes has been the phasing out of the Facebook Fan Page in favor of the “Like” button. But are you giving the “Like” a thumbs up?

The change was part of a broader plan to spread the “Like” button across the web and lower the barrier for users to become connected with brands and organizations. According to Facebook, users click “Like” almost twice as much as they click “Become a Fan” — so,  if Facebook changes “Become a Fan” to “Like,” more users will click on it. Right?

However, in a poll by Mashable, 29.6% preferred the “Like” button — while 57.3% preferred to “Become a Fan.” The rest were indifferent. (Come on people — Choose a side!) Then, there are the articles that talk about how “fan” is a whole other level of “like,” dictating the Wikipedia definition of the word “fan.” And believe it or not, there is actually a Facebook page titled “‘Like’ vs. ‘Become a fan,'” and you can choose to “Like” it or not. (By the way, there’s only 20 people who do!)

Jay Krall’s article on the Cision blog notes that “when you ‘like’ an article, it gets published to the news feeds of your friends on Facebook. This little feature has the potential to drive new traffic to your content. If you publish press releases or blog posts online, then you should consider using it.”

Is the “Like” button more lightweight, like Facebook says? Do you “Like” the “Like” button? Well, it really doesn’t matter if you actually “Like” it — so far, there is no “Dislike” button.


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