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Finding the Right Talent through Healthcare Recruiting

The demand for healthcare professionals is rapidly increasing, but finding the right talent can be a daunting task. And old-school approaches can lead to a surplus of unqualified candidates. In the old days, we would hire. Now we need to recruit. And recruitment takes consistency and targeting. When your potential employee is having a bad day and decides to make a career move, your company should be the first name that pops in their head.

Coles Marketing offers innovative approaches to help healthcare companies hone in on the best people to join their team.

Digital Recruitment Tools

Posting information about open positions on job boards such as Indeed and Zip Recruiter is certainly a crucial step, but it’s far from the only one you should be taking to attract potential new hires. Here are some other methods.

Behavioral Display: Target the candidates YOU want to hire. And target them when they are thinking about making a job switch. A potential hire’s digital footprint is out there. Use it to identify the right candidates and display the right message at the right time. An in-market candidate could be ripe for the picking.

Geotargeting: Need a physical therapist at your Phoenix clinic? Geotargeting will allow you to deliver ads to people in that particular area. You can even target specific places in which you are likely to find qualified candidates, such as fitness facilities or universities offering degrees in physical therapy. This narrows down the talent pool and helps you get closer to finding the ideal people.

Building Your Brand on Social Media: Studies show that medical professionals are often willing to take a pay cut in order to work for a company with a compassionate culture. Social media is the perfect outlet for showing the kind and caring nature of your employees. Post pictures of staff members enjoying their time together or patient testimonials praising the high-quality care they provide. This will go a long way in giving your brand a sense of personality and warmth. And it will also attract candidates looking for greener pastures or a positive work environment.

One of our recent healthcare recruiting campaigns that emphasized the environment of a healthcare company led to a 40 percent drop in job openings there. We ended up filling the openings within three months of activating this campaign. Quick turnaround!

E-Mail Marketing: This approach also reels in potential hires with its personal touch. You can customize the text to include their name in the body of the email and even in the subject line, which increases the open rate. You can also give them a heads-up about your open positions and the career fairs in which they can meet you and learn more about job opportunities.

Email marketing can also serve as a soft approach to targeting candidates with display ads online. Email addresses can be entered into Google and Facebook to help with drip campaigns, displaying your latest openings or new perks for the job. This tactic is cost-effective, and it delivers messages to your ideal candidates slowly over time, so you don’t seem to be bombarding their inbox. Collect email addresses and use them wisely, whether delivering directly to inboxes or following them online.

These are just a few of the many ways we can help you reach the right candidates and build a great team of highly talented healthcare professionals.

To learn more about the recruitment solutions we can provide, call (317) 571-0051 or email info@colesmarketing.com.


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What Makes a Good Media Story

instagram-1474232_1280According to Data Never Sleeps 4.0, in the past five years, “The global Internet population has grown by more than 60%, and there are more mobile devices on the planet than people.”

Every minute:

  •  Americans use 18,264,840 megabytes of wireless data
  •  3,567,850 text messages are sent in the U.S.
  •  Google translates 69,500,000 words

I guess you could say data is everywhere, being shared at a mind-boggling rate. And as more data is shared across a growing number of digital channels and social media platforms, it becomes more challenging to have your voice heard, your client’s brand noticed or your customer’s testimonial heard.

So what makes a good media story? And what makes that story stand out within the media buzz?

pencils-762555_1280The story:

  • Impacts people by solving a problem, providing an answer, generating an action or getting a conversation started about a topic
  • Touches the audience on an emotional level, helping motivate people to spread the word to others
  • Captures natural moments between people as well as the environment, evoking one or more of the senses
  • Contains fair and balanced information, telling a factual and accurate account
  • Revolves around a good character, a person who is a spokesperson for the story, offers a reflective testimonial and draws the audience in with his or her point of view

film-512132_1280The media–traditional and digital, print and online–has more stories to cover, more platforms to share to and be responsible for, and less resources to gather those stories.

Make sure your story is one that can’t be overlooked … or forgotten.



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What’s NOT New for 2014?


While trends can sometimes be passing fads, watching where things are headed can be useful in planning your marketing initiatives for the year. And since most companies are playing catch-up in a fast-moving marketing landscape, what hasn’t changed might be even more useful than what is changing.

Alan Schoff

Alan Schoff


Content is cliché

One trend that is definitely here to stay; content is still king. It’s a cliché for a reason.


A content strategy is essential in your marketing efforts. If you don’t have one, 2014 is the year to get onboard. While only 50% of companies have such a plan, according to Social Media Today, you’ll be on the rapidly-shrinking half of that statistic if you’re not creating and curating fresh information for your various audiences.


A video’s worth a thousand pictures

Visual content, especially video, is rapidly on the rise. That should be no surprise, and here’s a video about it from digital marketing hub Uberflip.


Video is exponentially more engaging than photos and text. Smartphone and tablet devices are ever more prevalent, offering more opportunity to deliver valuable video content. How important is video in 2014 for marketers? Well, the number two search engine in the world, after Google, is not Bing or Yahoo! — it’s YouTube (here are some stats about that). With its share capabilities, YouTube is both a search engine and a social channel.


Adding to the power of video, a slew of new apps and social media integrations came about in 2013. Especially noteworthy: those six-second Vines on Twitter and 15-second Instagram videos on Facebook. Surging Pinterest, which is all about visual content sharing, is seeing a growing number of video pins. LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr, acquired by Yahoo! last year, are also important considerations for your video strategy.


Why? Mobile video is predicted to increase 25-fold between 2011 and 2016, ultimately accounting for more than 70% of mobile traffic. It’s not new news, but definitely something to have in your marketing mix in 2014.


Integrated marketing is the real king

There really are no surprises in any of the many guru-authored articles like the top 7 online marketing trends for 2014 by Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers.


Putting content marketing at the heart of your digital strategy is not a new thing … it’s the essential thing. Strategic planning to have integrated campaigns possessing clear calls-to-action and measurable results have always been the end-goal. It’s about awareness and sales: building audience and ringing the cash register. Digital media simply give us more tools to respond more quickly to customers, and then measure the results of those actions.


To be redundant in making the point, founder of the Content Marketing Institute Joe Pulizzi says, “Content marketing is a marketing and business process of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience — with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”


What should you do in 2014?

So what will you do to ensure you have a robust marketing effort that delivers results, with valuable content that works in multiple channels? Here are 14 trends that could be actionable items for your consideration, found on CommProBiz.


So, you see, it’s true that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Good marketing strategy isn’t trendy; it’s simply defining a clear, consistent message and delivering it through the best tactics to achieve the greatest results.


If you’re looking for counsel in that regard, give us a call at Coles Marketing.


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