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Coles After Hours with Tim

Creativity is key to our work here at Coles Marketing. On a regular basis, we’d like to give you a peek inside the mind of a team member and show what’s inspiring them lately. What are we watching, reading, playing or making that’s fueling our creative energy?

For this entry, we’re checking in with Vice President Creative Tim Coulon.

When COVID hit, our homes turned into offices. Tim went one step further, transforming his basement into a music studio.

When Tim’s 14-year-old son, Josh, showed an interest in percussion last year, their neighbor gave them his old drum kit. Josh played a little bit, but Tim really “caught the bug” for drumming, eventually trading the kit in for a larger set and “hammering away” on it every chance he could.

Tim played the drums when he was Josh’s age, but he quickly lost interest. However, he is now fully dedicated to honing his craft, spending hours listening to his favorite music and teaching himself how to play along. His current repertoire includes classic tunes from Genesis, Phish and the Rolling Stones.

Now, part of Tim’s basement is walled off with sheets and soundproof padding, allowing him space to rock out.

“I can go down there for hours,” he said. “It’s a great release of energy. I’ll get blisters, I’ll start sweating, and I’ll come back up feeling refreshed. It’s like how you feel when you go for a workout at lunch.”

Sometimes, Tim’s friends will come over and jam with him. One of them has a jazz drum kit, and they’ll join forces to imitate the dual drummers from the Grateful Dead.

Tim’s not sure if he’ll start a band, but one thing’s for certain — he’s feeling more creative than ever.

Check back soon for an after-hours visit with another member of the Coles team!


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Advertising Healthcare in the Digital Age

What is the first thing you do when you’re feeling under the weather? You probably hop on the internet to research your symptoms, right?

These days, people do their homework before scheduling any kind of medical appointment. When they have a medical issue, they tend to start combating it online. In fact, one in every 20 searches on Google is healthcare-related, and those who are in-market for services tend to gather information on Google before taking any action.

Cyberspace is the place to be when it comes to connecting with potential patients. Although you can certainly catch consumers’ eyes with billboards on the highway and ads in the local newspaper, you have an even better chance of grabbing their attention online.

When we steer new healthcare clients toward digital advertising, they often worry about their companies getting lost in the clutter of online information. Are you hesitant to make the leap into the digital world? Let’s dive in together and look at the benefits of digital advertising. 

The Measurability of Digital Advertising

Traditional marketing methods, such as billboards or television commercials, don’t always produce tangible results.

With digital advertising, you can access analytics that show you how ads are performing and what kind of progress you’re making. You can see …

  • The demographics you’re reaching
  • What time of day the ads are reaching the most people
  • How many users are clicking on the ads
  • The amount of conversions — the number of users taking actions to become patients (filling out contact forms, calling the medical office, scheduling appointments, etc.)
  • The cost per conversion 

Here’s a sample of a report from our digital advertising strategist Christy Stewart that shows the positive results of the Facebook display ads and Google search ads we created for one of our healthcare clients.

As you can see, this report shows a significant increase in conversions and website traffic coming directly from our digital advertising efforts.

The measurability of digital advertising helps our healthcare clients refine their strategies, defend their marketing budgets and determine what is giving them the best return on investment.

Standing Out in Cyberspace

One of the main concerns we hear from healthcare companies is the worry that they will fail to stand out online. But with digital advertising, we can …

  • Target specific audiences
  • Zero in on your market by geographic location (a.k.a. “geotargeting”)
  • Reach the top of search listings
  • Turn off the ads that aren’t performing well to save room in the budget for the ads yielding positive results

“It’s easy to be nimble with digital advertising. You can change your ads with the click of a mouse.” — Christy Stewart, Digital Advertising Strategist

The bottom line is that when people are scrolling through content on their computers and smart phones, they’re frequently looking for a health organization like yours. All you have to do is put yourself out there for them to find. And after collaborating with several healthcare clients on digital advertising, we can assure you that this is one of the most effective ways to boost your business.


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The Coles Team Gets a Taste of “Hero Marketing”

The Setup

The time frame: Early December 2017. The occasion: the Coles Marketing holiday outing. At noon, everyone packed up for the week and headed out to a magical place — The Escape Room USA, located in Fishers, Indiana.

For the uninitiated, The Escape Room USA is an hour-long puzzle-based challenge. A group of people enter a room and are presented with a story and an idea of what the objective is to escape the room in which they’ve been locked. With an hour to play the game, the team members begin to look for clues inside the room that will lead to their freedom. Once the final door opens, the team emerges victorious.

The Plot           

The group I was fortunate enough to be part of worked together in some amazing ways. While some of us worked on getting locks open, others worked on logic puzzles and math-related problems. The best part was that we could see our opponents in the room next door. This meant we could distract, taunt and tease the other team as we went along. This also led to some hilarious moments, such as when Brian came up with the idea to yell and cheer to throw off the other team. It worked wonderfully. As we looked over at the other team, they had no idea what we had just done. We hadn’t really done anything, but it bought us time and made for a good laugh. It even made the staff member in the room laugh.

Speaking of which, there was a staff member of The Escape Room USA in the room with us; I’ll refer to him as the room guide. He was mostly there to tell us if we were touching something we shouldn’t have been touching and he could provide us with hints — sometimes at a price. The team could get one hint for free if everyone agreed to use that hint at the same time. But we could also “earn” an additional hint if need be. Well, there was a need, and earn it we did. The room guide told us that for us to earn the hint, we needed to act like monkeys fighting. It couldn’t just be a couple of us acting that way — it had to be the entire group! A couple of us, namely Kevin and myself, were eager to goof off and act silly. Some of us not so much. However, it was quite comical to see members of the team let down their guard just a little bit to join in the humiliation.

At the end of the day, both teams got out of their respective rooms. Our team lost by a narrow margin as we just missed a puzzle that could have clenched the victory minutes sooner. But no matter who won or lost, we walked away laughing and talking about the great adventure we had just experienced.

Hero Marketing

What makes The Escape Room USA such an enjoyable experience? To us at Coles, we readily recognize the story-driven “hero marketing” tactic it employs. This business places the customer in the driver’s seat, allowing them to be the hero of the story presented to them. The customer drives the experience however they want as they whisk around the room finding the clues to push forward. Along the way, the customer may need to look for guidance and at that time, there sits the room guide to help them along like a wise sage. The scenario is an easy sell — let the customer be the hero and they will buy into the vision you have put in front of them. The Escape Room USA does this in such a wondrous way that everyone walks away smiling and talking about the adventure. The team here at Coles will certainly not forget this wonderful experience.


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