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State of the Media

According to Michael Sebastian, the 2012 State of the Media Report “paints a media landscape that continues to struggle but is using the Web-and especially social media-to evolve.”

Here are a few highlights of the report, noted by Sebastian:

  • Although fewer newspapers shut down in 2011, they continue to shutter bureaus throughout the world and launch fewer titles, according to the report. Papers also continue to cut staff.
  • TV stations are sharing resources and using their websites to fill the gap left by shrinking newspapers, whereas radio—dubbed the great survivor—saw listener gains in all four quarters of 2011, according to the report.
  • Bloggers, meanwhile, are partnering with many mainstream media outlets, the report said. Growth in the blogosphere was primarily in the consumer sector, including blogs about domestic life, parenting and cooking.


And who is reading up and tuning in to what across the country? Take a look!


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