Diana Zukerman

Christy Stewart

Diana Zukerman
Business Development

“Business relationships are like any other – they’re built on trust and the desire for mutual satisfaction.”

Diana started her professional life in the fashion industry, so she knows how to put together an ensemble that’s appealing and works for an ever-changing environment. In the same way, she treats existing and potential clients as unique entities who don’t want to settle for off-the-rack, one-size-fits-all solutions to the challenges they face.

As director of business development and outreach for Coles Marketing, Diana works with the firm’s leadership to find ways to scale up clients’ outreach efforts and add value to their brand. She takes the time to learn a company’s operations and key players, and formulate an action plan to deliver on the concept they want – whether it’s a one-off engagement or building a long-term marketing strategy.

Diana has deep roots in the Central Indiana business community. Most recently she was co-owner and sales director for Sophisticated Living Magazine Indianapolis, increasing ad sales every year.