If you’re engaging potential customers with “blah” collateral and outreach, their reaction is sure to be the same. From ground-up website design, eye-grabbing graphics, zippy copywriting, illustrations, photography and video, we have the tools and the talent.

Coles Marketing’s in-house creative team can help you come up with the concept and strategy to make your brand stand out from the crowd.


Photography and Collateral Development

Our longtime client, 3M™ Peltor’s™ Personal Safety Division makes products designed to protect people from hearing damage in high-noise environments, while connecting them for versatile, reliable communications. The company avoids using professional models in its marketing images, preferring real people in actual work situations. So when they needed photography of their products in action to use around the globe for advertising, Coles went right to the places where the products have major impact, like a real SWAT team training exercise. Other real-life locations where hearing protection was showcased were on an airport tarmac and at a loud, mechanized materials recycling facility.

“We are such a can-do team that we sometimes find ourselves in unique situations to capture compelling imagery that’s rarely seen by a company’s customers.”

Tim Coulon
Vice President Creative
Coles Marketing

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