Content Marketing and SEO

Smart companies don’t wait for someone else to tell their story; they act as standalone publishers providing content that’s interesting and useful to their audience.

Rather than rely just on traditional media, reach out to customers directly to tell your tale. From blogs and infographics to brand journalism, email marketing and SEO expertise, we’ll develop and distribute the content to get you noticed.


Market Leaders Need to Be at the Top of Search Results

As many striving Web-based companies know, a few tweaks by Google or other major search engines in their criteria can make the difference between showing up on the first page of search results or the 50th. NextGear Capital is the national market leader in automotive remarketing financing, doing billions of dollars in business annually. To protect their reputation for innovation, they turned to Coles Marketing to build, refine and update their website, which serves both as a services portal for existing customers and a sales pitch to new ones. With a sharp, functional look that is optimized for the most current SEO benchmarks, NextGear Capital always stays on top.

“Search engine marketing must react quickly to changes in the SEO landscape as Google and other search giants constantly retool their algorithms.”

Brian Coles
Vice President Marketing
Coles Marketing

Search engine rankings matter. How does your website rank? And, by the way, what is your competition posting online about your company? Find out about our Online Audit & Risk Management program.