Whether traditional media, native advertising or digital platforms, Coles Marketing knows the right channels to reach out to the right audience.

We can research, plan and buy all your advertising outreach, or help you make the right decisions in a crowded advertising marketplace. Whether advertising online or in traditional media, the secret lies in knowing how to spend your precious ad dollars to achieve the maximum bang for the buck.


Developing a Brand Strategy for Every Advertising Platform

As one of Indiana’s leading healthcare plan providers for Medicaid recipients, MHS has to reach out to clients, healthcare providers and potential customers across a variety of platforms — from billboards, newspapers, television and other traditional media to Facebook and Web advertising. Coles Marketing has worked with MHS to vastly improve their brand recognition/awareness through an array of creative enterprises by our in-house team of graphics and Web designers, copywriters and brand strategists. We even created their signature logo and fun mascot!

“A strategic brand outreach plan is not just about highlighting the company’s products and services, but finding ways to make them a trusted resource.”

Brian Coles
Vice President Marketing
Coles Marketing