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socialconversion-_smallI was recently working on a client’s new LinkedIn Company Page, and it made me wonder what the difference was between Company Pages and Groups. There seem to be so many outlets for promoting people as well as brands that it often gets confusing as to the real purpose of each. Are you using them correctly and in a way that will be most beneficial to you and your company?

Thankfully, there is a ton of information out there detailing the differences and best uses for Pages and Groups on LinkedIn. This article by Juliette Kopecky was most helpful. According to Kopecky, LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter. WOW! If that isn’t reason enough to get your company or organization going on LinkedIn, I don’t know what is!

Company Pages:  Your company page is the headquarters for all your products, reviews and basic organizational information. Because it is focused on your specific offerings, company pages tend to be further down the funnel in terms of content and information. You have a bit more freedom to talk about yourself. However, company pages typically have fewer views than groups, and so your posts won’t have the same reach. 

Best content: Product releases, promotions, requests for feedback.

Groups:  When you’re just getting started, spend the bulk of your time sharing content to groups. While groups don’t specifically focus on your company, and don’t take well to promotional materials, they do tend to have a larger reach than company pages. People join groups because they are interested in a topic, not a company. Make sure your posts are educational in nature or are discussion-prompts. Being too promotional in a group is not only ineffective; it can get you kicked-out. 

Best content:  Targeted questions, new interesting data, infographics, etc.

Here are some tips about getting the most out of your Company Page or Group:

Company Page

  • Set a cover photo.
  • Search-optimize your page.
  • Post an updae to your followers (and target them!).
  • List your products or services (and target them!).


  • Join before managing.
  • Join complementary groups.
  • Use a social media scheduler to scale your efforts.

Take some time to create and add to your Company Page, including all the information someone might be looking for about your company. Then, work on finding and engaging in good groups for your company. It’s a work in progress, but it’s worth the effort!


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