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Dig Deeper into Data with Google Data Studio

The importance of data and analytics in the marketing world has been on a steady rise. In a study from Forbes Magazine, 87% of companies surveyed say data is the most underused asset within marketing. In the same study, Forbes said companies who adopt data-driven marketing are six times more likely to be profitable year over year.

There are many different platforms that store enormous amounts of data, but the tough part is understanding the data in order to make marketing decisions.

Most marketers today use Google Analytics and Google Adwords to track their website performance and digital campaigns. Google also offers a digital platform called Google Data Studio that allows us data enthusiasts to dig deeper into data much quicker and easier.

Here’s an overview of some of Data Studio’s features:

Easy Dashboard Creation

Google Data Studio allows you to turn data and analytics into easy and collaborative reports through data visualization. It gives you many flexible ways to present your data, including bar graphs, pie charts, time series (line graphs) and many more. It’s great for showing improvements year over year or from period to period.

Connecting Multiple Data Sources 

One interesting aspect of Data Studio is it allows you to connect and combine different data sources — like AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, MySQL and Attribution 360 — to showcase in the same report. If you are not an avid user of Google applications, you can upload any CSV (comma-separated values) document to create your report. Once the data sources are connected, Data Studio has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop method to help you filter and sort individual metrics and create your visuals within the dashboard. Click here for more information on how to connect your data sources. 

Easy Collaboration 

Data Studio operates like any other document on the Google Drive, which means it is open for easy collaboration. Once the dashboard is shared with specific users, they can edit and update the report. This means your company or client can easily see the reports without having to be granted access to accounts like Analytics and Adwords. Each dashboard can also be exported to a PDF file to be shared. 

Google Data Studio offers a way for anyone to eliminate hours of sifting through Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables to analyze their data. Once connected to a data source, dashboard reporting becomes quick, creative, collaborative — and a whole lot better looking.

Interesting in learning more about what Google Data Studio can do for your business? Contact us at 317-571-0051

By Broden Chapman, Digital Marketing Coordinator


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5 Q’s with VP of Creative Tim Coulon

He’s a Grateful-Dead-listening-dog-loving-daydreamer. Tim Coulon is the VP of Creative at Coles Marketing. He’s been here for more than 17 years and is still cookin’ up creative ideas that make our clients swoon.


1) How do you start your day? Are you a strong coffee/hit-the-snooze button person? Or a lemon water cleanse/yoga up-at-5 a.m. person?

I start by asking Alexa what the day’s forecast looks like. Always Starbucks in the Keurig. Pep talk with my Labradoodle, Woodford, and kiss the fam goodbye. I’m a huge Grateful Dead fan, so that’s on Sirius Radio for the drive in. NEVER talk radio. The last thing I want to hear in the morning to start my day is other people’s opinions. This routine starts my day off right.


2) Creative types aren’t really known for finding inspiration at their desks. Where do you get inspiration when you need to get the ideas flowing?

 Daydreaming. Yep. Little sessions throughout the day. I have perfected the craft of daydreaming while working. Thinking about upcoming trips, events, etc. I also listen to lots of music. I believe music is a huge part of where I find my inspiration.


3) You spearheaded a lot of creative projects over the years. What’s one that’s surprised you the most? Like, “leap out of your seat fist-pound” proud?

I’ve had so many projects throughout the years, it’s hard to rack my brain. But one that sticks out was for the Humane Society of Hamilton County. Not only did I love the way the project came out, I also directed one of our most successful photoshoots (plus I got to hang out with puppies all day). Nothing bad about that. And these dogs and cats finally found their forever home. Take a look and see the design. It’s clean. Cheerful. Fresh.

4) Trends. Trends. Trends. Give us your graphic design predictions for the year. What’s hot? We want to know! 

 First off, traditional design will never go out of style. Helvetica will never become a passé typeface. Simple has and will always be the better choice. And good typography always goes a long way.

To me, trends are just variations on the simple and traditional. When designers get bored, they try something new. And if it looks good, someone else will see it and use some form of it. Bam … new trend. I will say simple flat graphics/icons are currently hot now. So are bold, big typefaces and colors. But give it a minute, it will change. Who knows what the next day will bring.


5) Finally, what advice can you give to clients who are just starting to create a brand/look for their company? Where should they start?

Don’t try to do it on your own. Hire an experienced professional to help. The name, look and story of your brand speaks volumes. It sets the tone for your plunge into the marketplace. Be open to the ideas of the professionals. Remember, they’re professional for a reason.

Clients often look at their own brand from within the fishbowl. Since professionals are outside of the fishbowl, they can develop the brand with the customer in mind, while staying true to the core of the client.


Thanks Tim! Contact Tim at if you have questions about all things creative or just to talk shop.


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It’s Monday. Again. And believe it or not, we couldn’t be more excited. Today, the Coles Team is cooking up some great ideas and taking Monday by storm (yes, lots of coffee may have been involved). We’re exploring fresh content, expanding our creative minds and pushing our digital knowledge to the limit. So, put your positive pants on and show Monday who’s boss. You can totally do this.


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