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Stop Dissing and Dismissing Social Media


One day when I was working at a major metropolitan newspaper, the top editor caught me watching “The Simpsons” on company time.


Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd

No, I didn’t get fired for it, or even rebuked. Turns out I was researching a story on the then-nascent phenomenon of television networks posting entire episodes on their websites and how it and streaming services like Netflix were changing the way we watch TV.


Still, I’m sure in that moment I turned around to see him looking over my shoulder, both of us briefly thought he had encountered an employee engaged in an epic goof-off.


Unfortunately, that attitude seems to prevail in many businesses, where seeing the familiar blue highlights of Facebook on an employee’s computer screen has often been perceived as broadcasting to everyone that they’re not working — even if they’re in charge of the company’s social media presence.


Get serious about social media

A recent PR conference even featured a symposium titled, “Dispel your boss’s 3 biggest fears about workplace social media.”


If companies are ever going to get serious about using social media for outreach, then this attitude has to change. While you shouldn’t be exchanging baby photos with your sorority sisters on Instagram at work, Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms are increasingly the way people connect in our society … including how many companies acquire new clients.


Connecting with customers

As marketing professionals, we’re often tasked with monitoring a client’s social media pages or making posts to them. Because of Facebook’s page admin system, you log in via your own personal page and then switch over to various identities. However, alerts about all pages to which you have administration rights keep arriving no matter who you’re “facing” at any particular moment.


So despite the oft-heard admonishment that you “don’t do Facebook at work,” I’ve actually had days where I never turned it off, running it and other social media on tabbed Web browsers all day long!


Plenty of people also connect via professional networks and group pages on LinkedIn and other platforms. They can direct each other to a particular resource or even hash through a common shared problem.


Tips for social media success

Even seemingly boring, “non-sexy” brand names have found ways to be exciting to their audience on social media. Kevin Allen at PR Daily has a helpful infographic about how even ho-hum brands like Dockers (think “Dad pants”) can project coolness.


If your business is stuck in the Neanderthal stage of social media, Carrie Morgan of the Rock the Status Quo blog has a list of three five-minute tasks you can undertake to add value to your social media status or your client’s.


They include:

  • Share releases on LinkedIn
  • Share company newsletters on Facebook
  • Comment on noteworthy articles online


Need help with your social media presence? We’re here for you!


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