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Be Honest to Build Up Your Blog

While trying to come up with what I wanted to blog about, I came across … wait for it … a blog post!


Gizmodo is a design and technology blog, and they often have equally informative and fascinating posts about everything from home electronics and the Google Play Music iOS app to the new Pringles dispenser.


Recently, blogger Lily Hay Newman highlighted designer Clif Dickens and his brilliant mockups of well-known advertising campaigns. As Newman says, “Some of the mockups dole out real criticism, and some are just mundane enough to be funny, but they all take the idea of being brand-conscious to the next level.”


Check out Honest Slogans. And follow Honest Slogans on Tumblr. You will nod, laugh, cry, shake your head — and you’ll wonder why you didn’t come up with these first!







Blog_ticketmasterI’m pretty sure Mr. Dickens isn’t having any problems getting traffic to his site. But if you are working to build traffic as well as an engaged audience to your blog, here are some tips from Mark Schaefer in his article in PR Daily:

1. Consider the content focus. This sounds like tired advice, but it is absolutely true. Your No. 1 priority must be on creating content that adds value so people want to read what you have to say and come back again.

2. Build a Twitter audience. This is the fastest way to build a relevant tribe. It’s relatively hard to “pull” people to your blog, but it is fairly easy to build a connected Twitter audience. Work in links to posts among your daily tweets.

3. Activate LinkedIn groups. There are more than 1.5 million LinkedIn groups for every region and topic imaginable. Find some that are relevant to you. The best way to promote your blog is to use it to be helpful. When you see an interesting question in a LinkedIn group, answer by creating a blog post. Then paste the link to your post as your helpful answer.

4. Build your own blog network. Find great new blogging friends in the comments section of your favorite blogs, or you might look into a more formal approach through a service like Triberr.

5. Think about your blog like your email address. Promote your blog URL everywhere you have your email address, like business cards, newsletters and email signatures. Many of these sources are going to be high-potential blog readers.


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