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Hands On With Shawn


We’re highlighting our Coles Marketing collaborators by showcasing some of their many talents. Every day they contribute ideas, designs, strategy and so much more that drives positive results for our clients.

Our Videographer/Account Manager, Shawn Sorrells, creates stories through audio and video projects. From professional photography shoots to producing high-quality videos, Shawn is an amazing client storyteller. Below are some recent tasks he’s tackled:

  • Staged and shot virtual tours for a group of senior communities
  • Edited a scoreboard video advertisement for a professional sports venue sponsored by a physical therapy client
  • Shot and edited a profile video of a Bariatric Center physician
  • Concepted and edited a high-energy video for a real estate client corporate conference


Shawn’s Passions

Current Netflix Binge Show: Dexter

Favorite Restaurant: Delicia

Favorite App: Relisten (My favorite place to listen to the Grateful Dead)

Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Curious, Logical, Observant

Life Philosophy: Those who matter don’t mind. Those that mind don’t matter.


Stay tuned to see who will be featured next!


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