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Don’t Let The Workplace Work You Over

Brian_kidsThe holidays seem to be coming earlier each year. I’m pretty sure I saw a Christmas ad on TV BEFORE Halloween. And on Halloween — (gasp!) — we got some snow. In addition to the craziness of the holidays for your personal life, there also seems to be a mad dash to complete work projects and get numerous tasks crossed off your professional to-do list before the end of the year.

But here are some tips, courtesy of Jaimee Ratliff on Ragan.com, for habits you should cut out of your daily work schedule:

1. Not taking your lunch break
On days you don’t have tight deadlines, take a break to replenish your body and mind. The company’s stock won’t plummet if you take 30 minutes to eat your sandwich. Eat your lunch; enjoy every bite.
2. Answering emails after hours
Your personal time is just that — personal. Work/life balance is a must. There are times when you’ll be on call for a project that’s extended itself beyond normal working hours. Other than those times, set aside your work phone, and make a point not to look at it until the next business day.
3. Not using your paid time off
One of the best parts of the benefits package is the vacation time, but what’s fun about it if you never use what you’ve earned? You can and should use your vacation time. All of it.
4. Over-explaining yourself
Sometimes we over-explain our situation to our employers to prove why we need the time off. A 12-minute synopsis is unnecessary. Things that happen in your personal life are your business.
5. Not speaking up in meetings
Never underestimate the importance of what you have to contribute. More often than not, someone else will contribute the exact thing you were terrified to offer, and everyone will end up loving the idea. Don’t let this happen; own your ideas, and speak confidently about them.
Frustrated_LARGE6. Taking on more work than you can handle
You’re only one person. You can’t do all the work by yourself. You shouldn’t have to, either. It’s OK to let your manager know when you’ve reached your capacity on the tasks you’ve been assigned. Speaking up, expressing concern about your workload, and prioritizing your tasks will make you look responsible rather than incompetent.

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