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Connecting with the Crowd

Connecting with the Crowd

Ben Folds once said that he was inspired by fellow musician Neil Young’s ability to “make a stadium feel like a living room.”

The best concert experiences are personal and intimate, making you feel like larger-than-life rock stars are coming back down to earth and singing just for you.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts this summer — Jimmy Buffett, Weezer, Hall & Oates, to name a few. They all reminded me of how personalized we like our experiences to be, especially in this age of social media. When I saw Weezer, for example, they projected live tweets about the concert on the screen behind them. The lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, had a big smile on his face as he read tweets from Indy folks who were thrilled to be there.

Social media sites essentially do the same thing these musicians do — they make large arenas feel like cozy, intimate spaces where faces don’t get lost in the crowd, where people feel connected.

Like musicians at a concert, the best companies try to create a sense of closeness to their audience as well. Consumers like to know the flesh-and-blood people behind the products they are buying — just like music fans want to see the ordinary people behind the extraordinary sounds they love. It gives them a feeling of comfort. That’s why we work so hard to develop companies’ personalities through websites and social media platforms. Those outlets make companies feel like living, breathing things with hearts, personalities and a sense of humor. Social media helps companies feel like your friends rather than simply your providers.

A large reason why Coles Marketing posts blogs like this is to bring a personal touch to our own company, to make people feel like they know us. We’re rock stars … but we’re also down to earth.


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