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A Baseball Stadium in Cyberspace


For quite some time, I regretted cutting my cable cord. I missed curling up on the couch and watching zombies take over America on The Walking Dead. This season, I found myself craving the experience of watching the Chicago Cubs on a big-screen TV again.

Last night, as I scrolled through Facebook, my friends made me feel like I was watching the game. They turned into sports commentators, offering enthusiastic, minute-by-minute reports. “Dance your way back to the dugout, Hernandez,” one friend said, poking fun at the Los Angeles Dodgers player.

As my cyberspace companions reviewed the game in real time, I felt like I was in the bleachers beaming with pride for the Cubbies. Therein lies the magic of social media — it transports us to another place. It also makes for a communal experience. Even when we’re watching something by ourselves, we’re not alone. Last night, Facebook became an online baseball stadium full of fans.

Sure, you could argue that social media has made us all zombies glued to our phones. But, as it did for Cubs fans last night, it’s bringing us closer together. Now I don’t feel so bad about cutting the cord. I found an even better connection.


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