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Job Opening — Full Stack Developer


You’re looking for an agency with a fun, creative environment. And we’re looking for someone who has experience with the following technologies: WordPress, WordPress Plugins, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. Let’s marry the two and live happily ever after.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Development and customization of WordPress sites using custom themes.
  • PHP application development writing custom theme functionality on WordPress sites.
  •  Integration of content into WordPress themes
  • Front end interface development of WordPress themes using HTML/ CSS / PHP and JavaScript
  • WordPress plugin integration and development.
  • Oversee basic on-site Search Engine Optimization best practice implementation.

We’re looking for you if you…

  • Have 2 or more years of experience working with WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Are comfortable with MySQL and the architecture of the WordPress database
  • Are experienced in front-end web technologies (CSS, HTML, etc.)
  • Have developed custom WordPress themes or plugins using PHP, WordPress hooks, WordPress filters, etc.
  • Have an eye for good design and clean user interfaces
  • Are excited by the web and keep up with new technologies
  • Communicate well with others in both written and verbal forms
  • Are self-directed and able to manage your time effectively

Bonus points for…

  • Skill with other web languages, such as Ruby on Rails, Python, or other PHP frameworks
  • API development and integration
  • Experience with mobile application development, either in iOS (Objective-C or Swift) or Android
  • User Interface design skills using Photoshop or Sketch (or similar)
  • Experience working with JavaScript MVC frameworks, such as Backbone.js or AngularJS
  • A BS in Computer Science, Math or other interesting analytic discipline
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git
  • Previous history of working with a remote, distributed team
  • Understanding accessibility and HIPPA security compliance

To apply, click here.

*Please include sample websites or projects with your application.


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Coles After Hours with Kevin

Creativity is key to our work here at Coles Marketing. But we take that creativity home with us too. In this entry, we’re taking a dive into Multimedia Designer Kevin Moore’s musical background and the ways in which he rocks out after office hours.

When he’s not designing websites and cooking up graphics, Kevin expresses himself through shredding guitar. Every other weekend, he hits the stage at his local church, bringing his own style to popular Christian rock songs.

Kevin has been rocking and rolling since high school. You can see him leading his first band, Feedbak, in the photo gallery below.

“We called ourselves Feedbak because we sounded about as good as screeching audio feedback,” Kevin said with his hearty laugh that always keeps spirits high in the office.

In the 1980s, he toured the country, performing in a band called Runner and another called Steel Rose. Members of both bands sported the iconic heavy metal hairdos of the era. He looks back on the time fondly.

Kevin’s days of entertaining audiences are far from over. Every once in a while, he breaks out his guitar for everyone here, exciting us as much with his musical skills as the wonders he works on websites. He stands as proof that our team members are rock stars in and out of the office.


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Coles After Hours with Whitney

Coles Marketing is a company where family is a way of doing business. For this entry of Coles After Hours, we’re checking in with Media Planner/Buyer Whitney Coles, who is married to the firm’s Chief Marketing Technologist/Owner Brian Coles. Learn about what she does after hours and what drove her to join the family business.

Outside of Coles Marketing, Whitney Coles is raising two future pro-athletes. When she’s not at her desk, she’s cheering on the sidelines of her sons’ various sports activities. This is familiar territory for her, as she was a cheerleader throughout high school and college. But being a mom is like being the ultimate cheerleader.

“I know more about sports now than I ever did as a cheerleader,” she says with a hearty laugh. “I’m not sure I ever really understood what 1st & 10 meant in the eight years I was on the sidelines cheering at football games. Now I just ask the boys! Our sons are involved in hockey, lacrosse, flag football, baseball, swimming, the list just keeps growing!”

Whitney worked in the world of marketing long before Coles, but she put her professional life on pause shortly after her first son, Will, was born. Two years later came Max. A couple of years after that, Whitney felt like she had the hang of parenthood and was eager to get back to work.

Coles had the perfect opportunity in store — an open part-time position that would scratch her marketing itch and provide the flexibility needed to care for her kids.

Now, with increased working from home, she’s in an even better situation. Not only can she keep a close eye on the kiddos, but she has Brian just around the corner.

“I can just poke my head in his office at home and ask a question or bounce an idea off of him since we’re working in such close proximity,” she said. “We have different strengths and personalities, but they complement each other well and we really enjoy working together. He always says I’m the yin to his yang.”

While schedules and work-from-home procedures are likely to change, one thing’s for certain — Will and Max’s sports will always be a part of their after-hours lives.


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