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A Fast-Growing Vine



Alan Schoff

Alan Schoff

Vine, the simple-to-use video app launched by Twitter in January, is already the leader in social video. Just this month, it even surpassed the popular Instagram on Twitter, which announced that its Vine app now has exceeded 13 million users.


With the recent release of an Android version, it is sure to continue its rapid ascent in sharing life in motion. People are making six-second, continuously-looping videos that post on their Vine profiles and the timelines of their Vine followers, and shared through Twitter and Facebook.


As the next big thing in the fast-changing landscape of social media, you might be trying to figure out how you can use Vine in your marketing efforts. Like all things that engage people in any medium, creative content is what connects with your followers and prospects.


While Vine is an easy, effective tool for video creation to syndicate on Twitter, it may take added functions like uploading existing video content and more editing tools to really take off in marketing. Still, brands are jumping in and taking notice of Vine’s potential as a community-building platform.


Signing up for a Vine account is as easy as logging into Twitter or using an email address. You should use your brand Twitter handle to sign in so it is easier to share your video content in association with your brand identity. If your brand name has been taken, Vine has an email to report copyright infringement, but it is too early to tell how this process works.


The first thing you might notice, or might find out by experimenting as I did, is that Vine is a vertical format. Perhaps not intuitive if you work in video, but if you hold your smartphone horizontal your Vine will display sideways.


  • Open the app on your smartphone or tablet, simply touch the screen to record and take your finger off the screen to stop recording.
  • The app automatically records and loops six seconds of video when you have shot that much.
  • Using the screen-side camera, you can create a “selfie” that features you, if that’s useful to your marketing concept.
  • You can shoot a simple video of an action that takes place in six seconds.
  • But the real creative work begins when you use the app for stop-motion animation or create multiple scenes that tell a story within six seconds.


If you create videos that start and finish on the same scene, it creates a seamless, endless loop. All Vines loop, but you can make it difficult to determine the start and finish.


Here at Coles Marketing, our first client Vine for @MHSIndiana garnered 110,372 impressions, 1,266 clicks, 15 retweets, 2 replies and 22 new followers. The 1.18% engagement rate is more than you might expect from most social media platforms.


If you want to learn more about Vine and other new media tools of engagement, Coles Marketing is ready to help you navigate the rapids of today’s marketing paradigm when you are. So get creative and share your engaging ideas about who you are and what you do!


For your inspiration, here are some fun examples that early adopting brands have created.



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